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Spine Disorders

Neck pain & Back pain is a severe and most common diseases .

While it is the major problem for older people, today’s lifestyle is affecting youngsters also. There are millions of young people who suffer from Back and Neck pain.

There are temporary solutions from modern medicine, they have disadvantages. There are side effects associated with these medicines causing problems in kidney and liver.

Fear not!. It is from the ancient old medicinal practice of our ancestors, Ayurveda offers effective safe herbal cure for these disabling diseases. we provide the best Ayurveda treatment for Spinal disorders.

What is a Spinal disorder?

There are health conditions that cause loss of structure and normal functioning of the spine.

This can be caused by aging, infection, tumors, muscle strains, arthritis etc. Increased strain on the spinal cord that links to spinal degeneration can trigger disc displacement, narrowing of the spinal cord, herniation, spinal stenosis and other complications.

Major Disorders are Cervical and Lumbar disorders.

Major Causes of spinal disorders

1). The major causes of spinal disorders are due to , lifestyle, habits, lack of nutrition and other dietary reasons. The mechanism in which the spinal cord gets damaged is as follows.

2). Muscle strains, and increased stress on the spinal cord that links to spinal degeneration might trigger disc displacement and herniation, narrowing of the spinal canal, spinal stenosis, and other complications.

3). Disc that is present in between the Vertebrae., this disc becomes weakened. It may become flattened, bulged, herniated or break down.

4). There are also conditions such as spinal stenosis which happens primarily due to the narrowing of your spinal canal. Compared to a degenerative disc ailment, this is a more serious issue.

5). When your spinal canal is tightened, the gap between your nerves and the spin becomes compressed. This can cause huge irritation and can trigger a backache.

6). Therefore it is necessary to take things seriously before it becomes a major problem.

Signs & symptoms of Spinal Disorder

Degenerative spinal diseases give the following symptoms. The primary indications include chronic or sharp pain, weakness of the body, limited body movement. It can also be coupled with sensory loss.

This is one of the most painful diseases in the body. Spinal degeneration causes compression of the spinal cord or major injury. Because of this, the weakness the patient feels and the limited body movement can increase significantly.

In worse conditions, there will be a loss of the normal functioning of bowels and bladder. Spinal disorders can affect reproductive function also. The detailed signs and symptoms depend on where the structural issue of the spine is present.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Spinal Disorders

In Ayurveda

Cervical disorders are classified as Greevastambha, Viswachi

Lumbar spine disorders are Katigraha,Katistambha, Ghridrasi

Degeneration happens mainly due to the aging process.

You can alleviate the problems associated with the spine with Ayurveda, Changing Life style Posture corrections, and Lumbar and Cervical Muscle Strengthening .

Wear and tear of the spinal cord cause rapid degeneration. These are primarily known as abhigata and can cause a major health problem.

Ayurvedic treatment depends on the fact that whether the pathology of degeneration is of Musculo skeletal deformity or due to any infection.

Deteriorating spine disorders, the diseases are caused by bulging, disc degeneration, dehydration, prolapse and the changes in bone structures.

These are caused primarily by disc imbalance. Most of the time, the bone is connected with the soft tissues such as nerves and cartilage that lead to a vata major disorder.

Preferred Ayurvedic Treatments

Oral Medications:

Trayodasanga guggul,
Vishatinduka vati,
Prasarinyadi kashayam,
Sahacharadi kashayam
Gandharva hastadi tailam avartita softgel capsules
Sahacharadi avartita softgels Capsule
Guggul tikata Ghritam Avartita softgel capsule
Brihart vatachintamani ras

Therapies Advised

Greeeva vasti, Nasyam, Patra potali Swedam, Dhara For Cervical spine Disorders

Kativasti, Matravasti, Dhara For Lumbar Spine Disorders

Bed rest and Posture Correction, Muscle strengthening ,Physiotherapy, Avoiding Causative factors

You need to strictly Consult a qualified ayurverdic doctor for any treatments Either Oral Medications or Panchakarma Therapies